Saturday, November 17, 2012

Donna, Texas

Hola Amigos,

It seems rather strange to be in one spot.  But, it feels good.  I have been renewing old friendships.  I have only been here one day, but have already made contact with those within the park who have returned and with some from outside of this park.
Across from my motorhome
The plants have grown so much in the three years since I have been here.  The owner planted bougainvillea all along the back of the RV parking sites.  It is very pretty. 

You can see my car dolly parked there.  On my last Texas trip I seldom saw a dolly.  On this trip we saw many.  They must be making more cars front wheel drive. 

The weather has been fantastic....very warm.  It has been cloudy the day and a half I have been here.  That is good as it can be very hot and one likes to ease into the heat.

Today Brenda and I went to the flea market.  They sell almost anything you can imagine.  It would take hours to go through the whole market.  I needed some bulbs for my motorhome and some fuses.  I found everything I was looking for.  T-shirts were selling for $1. 

We walked around the large market for an hour or so and then went across the street to the vegetable and fruit market.  We stocked up on veggies.  We bought a pineapple.  They core and remove the outer skin with a tool and then bag it for you.  It was wonderfully sweet and juicy. 

On Wednesday a small group of us are going into Mexico for the day.  On Saturday, Brenda and I have been invited to S. Padre Island.  We will stay overnight with friends. 
Flea Market

Lots to see
Haven't decided what we will do tomorrow.  Brenda says she is doing her yoga and I will ride my bike.  Other than that, who knows?
Keep warm and happy Y'all.

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